The role of universities as entrepreneurship ecosystems in the era of climate change: A new theory of entrepreneurial ecology

  • Dr Howard H Frederick Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia


Using a systems approach to biology and ecology, and combining spatial analysis with materialflows analysis, this paper aims to connect entrepreneurship, climate change and universityeducation through the generalised notion of ‘ecosystems’. After discussing the inter-relationshipof climate change and entrepreneurship in Asia, the paper goes on to discuss the general outlinesof a theory of entrepreneurial ecology. Entrepreneurial ecology is a function of the econosphereembedded in the sociosphere, which are both embedded in the biosphere. People, planet andprofits are highly intertwined. The focus is on ‘entrepreneurship as if the planet mattered’. Thisapproach leads to the analysis of a ‘university-based entrepreneurship ecosystem’, a powerfulnew construct that can facilitate a university’s conversion into an entrepreneurial universityfocused on sustainability and climate change. The paper finishes with a discussion of ‘landscapeanalysis’ to determine the nature and scope of conversion into an entrepreneurial university.