A Study on Dried Banana Stem Fiber and Wood Dust as Sound Absorbing Wall Panel

Mohd Azril Riduan, Zarina Yasmin Hanur Harith


An attractive solution to a noise problem in an enclosure is the used of high acoustic performance material. Most panels used nowadays, are variety of man-made mineral fibres which are hazardous to human health. This research provides alternative material used as wall panels from waste. Most waste from natural plants in the country is left abandoned. It is believe that these waste materials may have some characteristic to being reused in construction. The aim of the research is to study the dried banana stem fibre with wood dust as a sound absorbing material. The objectives outlined include the investigation of abandoned banana stem, to fabricate as particle boards and to measure and study the sound absorption of these boards. Three samples of size 340 mm x 340 mm x 25mm were fabricated each having different percentage of dried banana stems fibre and wood dust. Sample 1 contains 100% of dried banana stems fibre, Sample 2 contains 70% of dried banana stem fibres and 30% of wood dust, and Sample 3 contains 50 % of each. Resin which was used for bonding affects the connectivity between pores. The results indicated that the absorption values increases as the frequency increases. It gradually decreases after attaining 4kHz. Sample 2 achieved absorption of 0.5 at 4 KHz. In comparison to the result reviewed from loose fibre installed on the wall, indicated that the absorption performance for fibres in panel forms is 50% lower in absorption and more reflective. It may be due to its hard surfaces and became less porous when glued. Recommendations for the future study on whether the sizes and texture of fibre influence the absorption values.

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