Brand Reputation Management And Brand Experience Towards Reputation of Malaysian Polytechnics


  • Nur Azreen Azriana Azham Department of Commerce, Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, Arau
  • Tg Aroal Hawa Delaila Tg Ahmad Department of Commerce, Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, Arau



Brand reputation, Quantitave, Polytechnic


In higher education, reputation management is essential to ensure the higher education institutionscontinue relevant and significant in the eye of the shareholders worldwide. There are many efforts toincrease reputation by improving the ranking in the world level. Currently, the brand reputation (BR) ofhigher institution cannot be proud of yet as BR management is critical in growing a business or service.The research aim to identify the relationship between brand culture (BC), brand expression (BE) andbrand experience (BEX) regarding polytechnic BR among polytechnic students of the northern region inMalaysia. In addition, this research also aims to identify which of the variables has the strongestrelationship with BR among polytechnic students. The study employs a quantitative method. 378questionnaires were distributed to polytechnic students of the northern region. The study resulted a significant relationship between BC, BE and BEX in the BR of polytechnic’s students. Based on these results, it is found that BC has the strongest relationship with BR among polytechnic’s students of  the northern region in Malaysia. The findings from this research can be used by next researchers, practitioners, government, university authority as well as academician, as guidance for them to manage well their BR.