Satisfaction Determinants of Airlines Industry in Malaysia


  • Mohd Remie Mohd Johan Faculty of Business, UCSI University
  • Nursyamilah Annuar Faculty of Business Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis Branch, Arau Campus
  • Jechonias Sushant Joseph Faculty of Business, UCSI University
  • Sonika Kalai Kumar Faculty of Business, UCSI University



customer satisfaction, decision making, service quality, customer relationship management


This study provides detailed information on customer satisfaction and decision making on choosing a full-service airline in Malaysia based on the number of complaints lodged to MAVCOM. To ensure the study was done with zero-errors, the information stated in this investigation were acquired from a targeted audience which has travelled for leisure purposes only to both domestic and international destinations. This study gives the airlines and edge to refine their customer service and to scrutinize their operations to avoid giving a chance to passenger to choose an alternate airline in Malaysia to suit their itinerary due to the failure in rectifying the inability in providing convenience towards their customers. The results found that service quality, price, reliability (timeliness) and customer relationship management has a significant and positive contribution towards passenger selection of a full-service carrier in Malaysia.


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