GRAB Tutor Management System with SMS Notification


  • Siti Zulaiha Ahmad Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Perlis
  • Zatil Syamimi Mohd Zamri Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Perlis
  • Umi Hanim Mazlan Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Perlis



Tutor Management, Filter, Web-based System, SMS Notification


Tutoring service is essential for students who require extra academic guidance in learning, especially in primary and secondary education levels. The common problems encountered by any students are the difficulties in finding the suitable tutors based on their preferred choice. The current existing web applications are still lack of responsive elements where they just only provide the fill-in form to search for the tutors. Therefore, the aim of this study is to address the inherent issue in finding suitable tutor match among the students and teachers by utilizing responsive filtering feature and SMS notification technology. The inclusion of these features is crucial to ensure that both parties informed on the appointment arrangement and status. The system known as GRAB Tutor Management System is targeted the secondary students especially the SPM candidates. This study adapts and simplifies System Development Life Cycle methodology into Three-Phase Model in designing and developing the system. The three phases are analysis, development, and evaluation phase. Each phase carries specific activities to accomplish the aim of this study and successfully delivered the proposed solution. GRAB Tutor Management System undergone a series of testing to evaluate its functionalities and acceptability. Functionality testing involved four expert and novice users, meanwhile user acceptance testing was conducted with 30 participants of secondary schoolteachers and students. The functionality test result revealed that all features are well functioned and successfully delivered. The user acceptance testing result indicates positive acceptance with the overall mean score is 4.64, which shown that the participants are agreed that this system is acceptable, easy to use and useful. It is proven that this study has successfully delivered a web-based Grab Tutor Management System with SMS Notifications that is useful for the tutors and students


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